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hit the road 2017



Trip 2017:                   May 1st 'til October 9th

current position:    save and sound, Germany

passed way:             23,751 Kilometer


Updated 10/09/2017


Our Journey


We start at the 1st of May in Dietfurt at the chineese Fountaine, the city center.


At first some trouble - had to visit the workshop, but we are on the road again soon and drive through the beautiful valley along the Donau.


Along damaged roads and through the rain – we pass Hungary really fast!


Into the high mountains of the Karpats to the castle of dracula and down to sea level in the delta of the donau were it’s flowing into the black sea.


A view days we travel trough Bulgaria. Most of the hotels and camping sites are still closed until the season starts and so we are the only guests.


We have a little glance at Greece to have some sun shine at the mediteran sea, do laundry and have a rest before we move on. Just enjoy … 


We are really surprised about Turkey. We spend several weeks to see the whole country. Along some touristic sight seeing like Troy, Pamukkale and Cappadocia (one more interessting and overwhelming than the other!), we, too, meet many friendly people and enjoy the landscape! 


Along the risky traffic in the cities and the hard routes over the mountains, we enjoyed the traditional kitchen, the hospitality and the wonderful nature! 


We spend more time in Armenia than we planed in the first place. We wanted to move on very fast to Iran, but our „transit“ growth to an unforgetable trip with breathtaking landscape and a lot of new friendships!


It took us some time to get the visa, but it was worth it! Allready in our first days we could expirience the hospitality! And after three weeks we are still excited – about the landscape, the architecture and the people!


Hot! Like the Lonely Planet describes, only the desperate or the crazy ones find themselves in Turkmenistan during summertime. I don’t know if we are desperate or crazy – we drive 500 kilometer through the desert … It was kind of a experience!


Unfortunately we had some bad expirences in Uzbekistan, as we were tricked several times (at least they tried to). So we stayed there for one week and just recover from the heat and have some vacation from our vacation. 


At least the must see for all travellers trough central asia is the Pamir Highway! 1,200 kilometer, no asphalt, up to 4,600 meter above sea level, doesn’t this sound great? For us, living close to the Alps, it is a highlight on our journey.


After the struggle along the Pamir Highway, the last passes in Kyrgyzstan are quite easy! Besides some rough streets, there ARE streets after all so we can finally enjoy the beautiful landscape.


For some variety we join Anton (CZ) and Ian (EN) to cross the wide steppe of Kazakhstan. And even so there is nothing interesting to see, it's not boaring at all, beeing with the two of them.


Within one week we make more than 3,000 kilometre through Russia. The streets are good, finally, and we learn that the country and the people are surprisingly "western". We enjoy to have forrest and something different to see, than steppe. At lake Baikal we reach one more goal on our journey.


In Mongolia we let our bikes rest for some time, while our friends from Germany come over! We rent a 4x4 and tour through the wide land of Mongolia.


We take the shortcut home. While our bikes are on the transsibirean train we fly from Irkutsk to Moscow to make some sightseeing, while we wait for our bikes. 


The last boarder ahad! As we reeched the Europe boarder we didn't even get a new stamp in our passport. We are back home now!


We drive on the fastest way towards home. We can feel the difference to be back in Europe immediately.


Just for one night we visited Poland and drove on the highway through the rain towards the German boarder.


Home again! We arrived more than five month later again at the chineese fountaine in Dietfurt, Bavaria - as if we never departed.


We can't make it to China this time, because of the confusing visa issues. But we need some goals for the future anyway ...